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The media is full of vitriol for Donald Trump.

Even amongst those political commentators who normally incline towards right-wing views, he’s a figure often discussed in terms closer to naked hatred than objective political analysis.

Yet what is Trump really saying? Is he being misrepresented in the press when portrayed as speaking solely for ‘the lunatic fringe’? Does he actually represent mainstream America rather more than his opponents would like to suggest?

The Pressures in US Society

All societies have stresses and tensions within them – and the US is no exception.

Since the 1960s, US society has changed out of all recognition and has arguably fractured along major fault lines. Those stress points aren’t exactly news and include things such as abortion, gay marriage, race, social care, gun laws, immigration, multiculturalism, economic management and so on.

Although it’s very easy to portray these as typically Republican right wing versus Democrat left wing political inclinations, that’s overly simplistic. There are people with strong opinions on all sides and it’s misguided to assume all Democrats support abortion on demand because it’s a “woman’s right” or that all Republicans support free access to guns on demand.

Yet what has undeniably happened increasingly over recent decades is that liberal viewpoints captured the moral high ground and are today often represented as being ‘mainstream’, ‘enlightened’, ‘just’ and ‘politically correct’. By contrast, viewpoints that argue against (e.g.) increased social care provisions are labelled as ‘reactionary’, ‘outdated’, ‘oppressive’ or the domain of marginalized cranks.

However, the intelligentsia in DC political and media leadership circles seem to have made the mistake of believing their own propaganda in this respect.

That’s perhaps understandable because they’d ‘seen off’ the previous rumblings of groups such as the Tea Party. So, they hugely underestimated the frustrations in very large sections of ‘traditional’ US society who lacked an outlet for their views, fears, hopes and aspirations – and into that breach stepped Donald Trump.

Trump – A Voice for the Unheard

Whatever one thinks about individual elements of Trump’s approach during the Primaries, there is little doubt that he has tapped into a vast reservoir of discontent in US society.

Nobody should doubt that Trump has the large-scale and spontaneous support of many in the US. His views, whether one agrees with them are not, are those of a large number of ordinary Americans who have been frustrated by not having a spokesperson.

In the past, Democrat Presidential candidates have portrayed this group as political ‘dinosaurs’, with views that have no place in modern America. Many traditional ‘comfortable’ Republican contenders have equally distanced themselves from this section of society, as they strove to adopt centrist stances and positions that were both ‘PC’ and in their view, ones which would make them potentially electable.

Trump’s brilliant inspiration and shrewd vision was to recognize the size of this group of disenchanted voters, who were anything but a tiny fringe minority. Even had it been in his nature, which it probably isn’t, he wasn’t going to tone down his views simply to make himself popular with the media or the ‘men in clubs’ in Washington.

He has effectively gone over the head of the political and media establishments and appealed to the masses – and masses they are. That’s why to date he’s been so successful and why he’s created a political earthquake.

If nothing else, he’s forcing the ‘unheard masses’ back into focus in the corridors of power.

Is Trump Electable?

Already, the Washington establishment is in danger of writing Trump off, should he get to stand against Hilary Clinton. The same tired-old clich├ęs are being wheeled-out, branding him a racist, sexist and sadly deluded figure who doesn’t represent a significant proportion of US society.

Those views may well be VERY naive.

It’s already clear that Trump doesn’t just appeal to older white and ‘red neck’ voters. His plain-speaking and lack of fear of controversy is striking a chord with many – and that might cross traditional Republican-Democrat demarcations.

For example, it’s absurd and patronizing to postulate that African-Americans won’t vote for Trump because of his views on immigration via Mexico. If they’re struggling to find work and housing, then looking at local immigration issues as a possible contributory factor might be just as likely for African-American voters as White voters.

Equally, his stand on abortion might well strike a chord with significant numbers of predominantly Catholic Hispanic Americans, irrespective of his views on illegal immigration across the border or gun control.

Many voters of all political inclinations might be attracted to his stance on breaking the Washington establishment – whatever segment of society they come from.

Donald Trump is an astute man and has already proven himself to be a capable politician. His appeal may be wider-spread than many believe and he just might pull off an upset in the election. At the very least he’s forcing some soul-searching in the DC corridors of power along the lines of “who knows the electorate best, us or Donald Trump?”

It’s a question that’s worrying the establishment to its core.

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Donald John Trump, born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York, the man who knows “a tiny leak can sink a ship” is a very influential media personality with his own TV show – “The Apprentice”, currently a Presidential candidate and has married 3 times with 5 children. The Trump brand is a culmination of industries which include real estate, mortgages, entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, etc. The Real Estate billionaire synonymous for luxury living is renowned for having the most celebrated addresses in NYC and around the world. The Trump signature is seen through his sumptuous constructions including the Fifth Avenue skyscraper, Trump Parc, Trump Tower, Trump plaza, The Trump World Tower, 610 Park Avenue, etc. Below are some of the interesting facts about Trump that one needs to know:

1. Bankruptcy – Donald Trump did not always eat from silver plates and had his share of misfortunes. In the year 1990, he almost went bankrupt and was left with almost $4 billion USD in debt. He had to give up 50% of the stakes of the renowned Taj Mahal Casino to the bondholders to grope out of the dire situation. It was a major hit and Trump never faced such threatening bankruptcy problems in his life; although, he did face several crises which were negligible to his position. Today, Trump stands as the CEO of the “Trump Organization” that owns over 100 companies.

2. Football – In the year 1983, Donald Trump owned the New Jersey Generals which was a franchise of the USFL (United States Football League). Although, the whole event had to come to a halt after three years (1983-1985) there is no denying that the team of Trump produced some of the skilled players of the game like Herschel Walker.

3. Wrestling hustles – The representative of Trump won over the representative of McMahon during the Wrestlemania-23 which hosted the fued titled “Battle of billionaires”. Trump got the privilege to shave the head fo McMahon which was the bet agreed before the match. There was much controversy when Trump was said to have bought the infamous wrestling show “Raw” in the year 2009 from the owner Vince McMahon. However, there was official announcement that there was no such ‘sale’.

4. Teetotaler – Donald Trump lives the life of a rich prince, but never got interested in taking alcohol. He is believed to be a teetotaler without much affection to booze, which should be an inspiration for those who drool in the mirth of this dangerous habit.

5. Board game – There is a board game on Trump and it is known as “Trump: The Game” and it was released in the year 1989, but it had to be discontinued as this game didn’t became popular in terms of reviews and sales as well. The game is similar to monopoly but it couldn’t receive the attention. However, it stands out as a record because no other Presidential candidate has a board game named after them.

Disregarding the controversies and extrovert nature of Donald Trump, his life is a lesson for everyone desiring to achieve unscalable heights through determination. The billions in his pockets show his determination as an individual and he will be an inspiration for many generations to come.

Teja is an active and experienced freelancer maintaining a website: which contains more such interesting facts and information on the greatest artists that ever walked on this planet.

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When young, most of the people are only interested in how a person looks and how he/she makes them look when in public places. When they get older and looking for life partners, many people look for other qualities other looks. If you are at that stage where you feel that you are ready to settle down, here are the qualities that you should look out for in a partner:

Shared interests

According to relationship experts, having common interests strengthens a relationship. The common interests can be as simple as having a fondness for certain types of food or as advanced as completing a complex puzzle. When you have common interests with your partner you will have something to talk about. This brings you closer thus you live with your partner for a long time without getting bored. When looking for a partner, you shouldn’t look for one that shares all of your interests. One common interest is enough to bring you close thus have a beautiful, long term relationship.


It’s always recommended that you be open in your relationship. This calls for you to tell your spouse all the necessary details. The details should be both good and bad. While this is the case, you shouldn’t be disrespectful. When your partner makes a mistake, you should correct him/her respectfully. For your relationship to last for a long time, you should respect each other. As rule of thumb, you should never bring down your partner.


Maturity isn’t acting all “grown up” such as not watching cartoons or laughing at booby jokes. Maturity is the ability to tell right from wrong, take responsibility for actions, and solve problems when you come across. If your partner is always blaming the government, traffic, boss or anyone else for something, he/she isn’t mature and you should be wary when working with him/her.


Maintaining a long-term relationship requires both of you to be responsible. One common feature of a long-term relationship is children. The last thing that you want is living with a partner who can’t provide for the children or take good care of you. Your partner doesn’t necessary need to have a lot of money but he/she should have some levels of security.


While your partner should be responsible and serious in life, he/she should also be fun to be with. Your partner should be able to laugh away the life inconveniences, make fun of normal occurrences and laugh at himself/herself. A partner with a sense of humor isn’t boring and helps you have a fun look on life. While a sense of humor is great, you should stay away from a person who makes fun of other people.


These are the features that you should look out for when looking for a partner. Getting the right partner takes time thus you should be patient in your search.

One of the ways of finding a dating partner is using a matchmaking service provider. We offer upscale matchmaking services where we match your qualities with 1000s of others and find you a partner that will be right for you.

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Maybe it’s because of my age. Maybe it’s because of the complexity of my life. Maybe it’s because I’m more God-centered than I was forty or fifty years ago. Maybe it’s because I value the simplicity of old age. But a childhood prayer has kept rumbling around in my mind these last couple of days, not supplanting the prayers I usually say, but reminding me of the ones I said every night when I was a child:

Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray to God my soul to keep.
And if I die before I wake,
I pray to God my soul to take.

Maybe it’s just a question of distilling my complex life down to its simplest form and disposing of all the unimportant things that usually occupy one’s life. Maybe it’s just a question of looking at where we’ve come from and where we’re going, and measuring out our lives in teaspoonful instead of endless gallons, and maybe it’s just a question of concentrating on the importance of fulfilling one’s destiny and making a difference in this world, leaving it better than we found it, but I find my childhood prayer very comforting.

It’s comforting in a way it wasn’t comforting when I was a child. In those years, I said the prayer by rote and ended this prayer with blessing all the members of my family, also by rote.

Over the years, as I grew closer to my family and realized how lucky I was to have been born into this family and much I appreciated the close-knit ties we shared, I prayed differently. My words came from my heart, not my head and every night and several times during most days, I continually thanked God for these many blessings I was lucky enough to receive.

Whenever I hear of the trials and tribulations of other people, it saddens me and it reinforces my gratitude for all I have been given. I hold it close to my heart, like the most prized secret and I cling to it like the gift it is.

I know I can’t cure all the world’s problems nor fix all the problems of the people I meet, but I try to share the part of myself that is accessible to those in need of love and support.

I’m in the process of learning how to distinguish between those who really need it and those who just want to take whatever they can get without lifting a finger to help themselves. It’s been a difficult lesson to learn, this separation of the takers who keep taking with no concern with how much they’ve taken, and with the people who take only what they need and work hard to use the life lessons they have learned. However, little by little, I am learning this lesson well enough so that I don’t have to keep repeating it over and over again, and little by little, I am learning to dispose of the people in my life who don’t have my best interests at heart but want everything they can get with nary a thought how they get it.

It’s a lesson worth learning. Everyone should listen to their intuition and to recognize the red flags they see and to heed their messages.

Connie H. Deutsch is an internationally known business consultant and personal advisor who has a keen understanding of human nature and is a natural problem-solver.

Connie is the author of the books, “Round and Round Goes the Merry-Go-Round: Drugless Therapy for OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)”; “Whispers of the Soul,” “A Slice of Life,” “Whispers of the Soul for the Rest of Your Life,” “From Where I’m Sitting,” “Are You Listening?,” “View from the Sidelines,” “Reaching for the Brass Ring of Life,” “Purple Days and Starry Nights,” “Here and There,” “And That’s How it Goes,” and “The Counseling Effect.” Her website: See more of her articles by clicking here ConnieHDeutsch Articles

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