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AdSense is one of the most tantalizing ways to earn money online. Not only is this a perfectly legitimate way to earn money, it can also translate to massive cash as long as you play your cards right.

However, one thing you must understand as an AdSense user is that it’s not enough to create traffic for your website. You must funnel that traffic into your ads.

This is the only way for you to earn money with AdSense. So how can you do exactly that? You’re about to learn the secret to turning traffic into AdSense traffic, no matter what the size of your website is.

1. Have your site indexed on Google

Having your site indexed in Google will provide a major coup in your investment. While you might think that indexing is best reserved for long-time sites, even a freshly opened site can be indexed immediately after creating it! There are many ways to do this.

You can submit your site URL at sites such as and Just make sure to confirm your email for this step. Lastly, make sure to submit your site map on Google Webmasters.

2. Target high-paying keywords

Some keywords pay more handsomely than others. To do this, you need to start by checking out a particular keyword’s click payout. Mathematically speaking, a keyword with 0.50 click payout will pay more than a keyword with 0.10 click payout per click.

While utilizing keywords with cheap click payouts can work in some situations, it is much better to go for the so-called “big fish” industries wherein each click and sale will translate into a more-than-decent payday.

3. Create content for niche markets

When planning content for a site, it pays to have a specific niche in mind. This is because readers who look for a specific niche tend to be more business oriented and have a particular motive in mind.

Often times, it is these people that have the money, time, and interest to make a decision, making them a natural target for advertisers. Create content that caters to a niche market’s needs, and you’ll be more likely to rake in traffic.

4. Put a focus in ad positioning

It’s not just what ads you place on your website, but it’s also about where you place it. Being more proactive in terms of placing your ads can rake in some extra clicks, which would translate to extra cash.

Unfortunately, there is no tried-and-tested formula when it comes to placing ads. Sometimes, it can be a matter of trial and error, with you checking out for yourself what works and what doesn’t. Plan where you’ll place your back links, test out different site layouts, and try different ad sizes.

These steps are basically the secret to turning traffic into AdSense traffic. While each step would require you to work hard and plan ahead, the effort you’ll put in these steps will eventually pay off handsomely.

John Richards has many years of experience creating and developing books, eBooks, manuals, and videos, on a variety of subjects, including online wealth, pet care, Internet marketing, direct mail, health and wellness, and CD/DVD distribution service. John’s website provides ideas and practical advice for people who want to enjoy the rewards of earning an income from home using simple websites.
Visit John’s site to discover free information that you can use at: to claim more free training and gifts. Subscribe to the blog and receive a free ground breaking report on making money online.

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Learning how to make money from Google AdSense is not going to be hard at all and the best thing is, you don’t need to spend a cent to get started. You can open a free blog on a free blog hosting service such as blogger and then drive traffic by writing articles and submitting them to the free article directories.

Once you learn the basics of how to make money online from Google AdSense you can then start to build an empire that will grow each and every day so your network and your income will grow over time. If you target the right keywords then you can make more money and faster.

First of all you need to research a few good keywords that have a high cost per click. Keywords that are related to forex, insurance, credit cards and finance in general are high paying keywords and if you find traffic that is interested in this then you can get anything from $1 to $15 per click.

Use the Google keyword tool and find keywords that have a monthly search volume of between 500 and 1000, target 5 of these keywords to start with by writing a post about it on your free blog that you can open at blogger and then build backlinks from the free article directories to increase the search engine rankings for your blog for the keywords you are targeting.

Add 3 AdSense blocks on your blogger blog and then write and submit at least 10 articles per day until you are happy with the daily income and your rankings are on the first page in Google. Repeat this process until you are happy with the results.

Learn how to Make Money Online with Profit Academy

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AdSense is a double-edged sword; sure, it can earn you money but it can also be a distraction. Picture this:

You have a new website and you’ve been accepted by AdSense so you rush off to generate the code and install it on your site. Perfect, you think, the money will soon come rolling in. WRONG! It won’t and this is why.

Tip #1 AdSense don’t disclose which niches have the best Click Through Ratio (CTR). (By the way CTR is clicks divided by page views so if you have 10 clicks from 100 page views, your CTR is 10% – that’s actually extremely high, so is just an example.)

Tip #2 If you have a new website, you probably don’t get more than 10 visitors a day which equates to 30 per month. Even if your CTR is 10%, you have had 3 clicks and unless you’re in a very high value niche, you have just earned around $0.30

Tip #3 The average CTR is probably between 0.5 and 2%, if you’re lucky, so look at this another way, you didn’t earn anything like $0.30 cents in the month.

Tip #4 Don’t let AdSense distract you! I remember when I first started, I couldn’t wait to look at my AdSense account to see how much I was earning and when I discovered it was virtually nothing, I thought that maybe the ad positions or colours or content were wrong, so I moved them and changed them but the income didn’t get any bigger because I didn’t have the traffic and I was wasting time that I could have used to create content.

Tip #5 Did I mention content? Well I will now because it’s the life-blood of a website, particularly one that aspires to earn with AdSense. Unique, informative content is paramount.

Tip #6 Don’t expect to make money from a news or review site which just regurgitates what others have already reported. You won’t get the traffic because the big boys who originated the content will have already got the audience.

Tip #7 Don’t write a personal blog because nobody cares and you won’t get traffic except maybe from your friends. Celebrities can get away with it because people are interested in the minutiae of their lives but AdSense ads won’t be focused if you use only personal content.

Tip #8 If you want to suddenly attract traffic, you need a hook. Make videos using a funny voice or with your dog doing tricks or your cat performing for the camera – that will make people watch your videos and visit your site.

Tip #9 Create your website and populate it with great content before you ever install AdSense; you will already have traffic and you won’t be distracted from your main purpose.

Tip #10 Just work at it. Create content regularly which helps people and which they want to read; that’s the only way you’ll attract traffic to your site and revenue from AdSense

So, I hope these AdSense tips will help you to focus on your content and forget those measly few cents for the time being.

Liz Canham has made a study of making money from AdSense over a number of years and has lots of AdSense tips on her website AdSense Tips and Tricks.

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If you have multiple sites or multiple directories in your
site for different subjects and you have placed AdSense
codes in your site, I am sure you would like to know:
(a) from which site or directory you are earning the
most / least, (b) which AdSense ads are being
clicked and (c) from which page?


To get separate stats for each site / section / directory
/ page with Adsense, you need to create channels for
each one. Create a channel with a relevant name and
generate a code for that channel. Paste that particular
AdSense code to the concerned pages / sites.


Google now provides Channel Data in real time. Earlier, it
used to provide data for ‘2 days before’. Follow the
procedure mentioned below :

1. From ‘Date Range’ drop down menu, select ‘today’.

2. Check the radio button : Group data by ‘Channel’.

3. On the right hand panel, check the radio button ‘Channel

4. Click on ‘Select ALL’ at the bottom of channel list.

5. Click on ‘Display Report’.

Now you get the seggregated report for clicks generated for
each channel.


It is very important to know that which pages / sites are
generating good AdSense revenue and which are not. We can
work upon those poorly performing pages. If we can get to
know about which ads are being clicked, that would make us
feel more informed for many obvious reasons.

Currently Google does not provide this data. But you can still
get it from a very nice and detailed free web stat service, Add
Free Stats.

Add Free Stats provides a very detailed web stats which
satisfies most webmasters. You may open a free account at :, get the code and paste it at the
bottom of each of your pages.

Make sure that in ‘Your Account’ section you mark ‘Yes’ for
‘Exit link tracking’.

Now check your stats at Add Free Stats, and you will find a
“A” icon beside the visitors’ ip. That means that visitor has
clicked on an AdSense code. Place your mouse over the icon,
and you can see which ad has been clicked.

You can also generate a separate report of pages that have
generated AdSense click. Select ‘Exit Links/Adsense’ from the
drop down menu marked as ‘Pages’. Here you get a folder icon
named Adsense, the number of AdSense clicks etc. Click on
the AdSense folder icon and you get the number of AdSense
clicks on each page and which ads are clicked on that page.
Click on the ‘hour glass’ icon and you get the CTR, PV too
for each page.

I am no way connected to Add Free Stats. I am just a happy
user. Any webmaster working seriously towards AdSense
earning, must have this tool.

Subhendu Sen is the owner and webmaster of A Low-Cost Web Host: [http://www.IndHosts.Net/hosting.html] and is in the business of web hosting since 1998. He also owns other sites of interest : — An Article Directory and [] — A Free Email Address Directory

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Quite a large number of people read books that talk about how to make money with AdSense and think that it is very simple. People are under the impression that all you need to do is host pay-per-click Ads on their website, and sit and back and relax. Nothing can be further from the truth. It’s a lot of work, and only if you work will you get the desired results.

Easy as Cake – Not Quite

Never buy into any idea that offers an easy way to make money on the internet. A lot of people have bought into the simplicity of AdSense as proclaimed by various sources, but the reality is vastly different. People are fast realizing that there are various prohibitions put into place by Google, when it comes to utilizing AdSense and the answer to how to make money with AdSense is not as easy as they thought it would be.

The Prerequisites

If you want to make money with AdSense, you not only have to stringently comply with the various AdSense policies but your website must also duly comply with all the policies underlined by the Webmaster of Google.

You must understand that only if you can attract many visitors to your site, will your AdSense endeavor be successful. This can be achieved through a combination of techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Article Submission, Link Exchange, Pay per Click and various others. Moreover, the layout of the web pages is such that they must blend in with the Ads that you host on the site. Make sure that your Ads cannot be ignored; this is one of the important pointers that must be kept in mind in your quest to learn how to make money with AdSense.

Tackle the Competition

Many a times, and I would go so far as to say that it is a common enough occurrence; when you start hosting the Pay Per Click Ads you will find that there are many Ads from your competitors. Learn to host these Ads on those pages that are not as successful for you as the other pages. Otherwise you can put off posting those ads till the time you are busy enough so that you can at least earn some amount of money off your competitors. When you think about how to make money with AdSense, you must keep a watch on the Ads of your competitors.

Not a Money Making Machine

The purpose of Google AdSense is not only offering a monetary advantage to the people who host the Ads, but also to offer a promotional advantage to people who want their Ads to be hosted. Never think of it as a machine that churns out money. You have to put your question of how to make money with AdSense in perspective. The program is multi-beneficial and hence has to be worked upon, learnt, and expertly handled before you can think about making substantial earnings. Patience and Hard Work are the keys here.

For great information on how to make extra cash with AdSense, just log on to this great link: How to Make Money With Adsense or Make Money With Adsense.

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Over and over I get more and more emails asking me what is the easiest way to get AdSense account approval. I get these emails because I have built up trusted followers who believe in what I say and I don’t try and sell things that I don’t believe in. Anyways at this point that doesn’t really matter because what you are really here for is some information on getting approved into the Google AdSense world.

At the end of the day too many people make too many things too difficult when trying to get AdSense account approval. They go to too many extremes and end up making themselves look like amateurs who will never get traffic to a website. AdSense really isn’t as hard to get approved for as some people might like to think.

Many people will try and sell you tons of black hat techniques for everything to do with AdSense but at the end of the day I warn you very sternly to stay away from black hat because this will get your account banned before you can say one dollar click.

Anyways you are going to be surprised when I tell you the very short version of getting your AdSense account approval. All you need to do is take the time and effort to build a nice blogger blog. Once the blog is built you need about 4 or 5 great quality, and original posts and that’s about it. In most cases it really is that easy.

I am not saying this will work 100% of the time but anyone I have helped almost always gets approved. You will not get approved if the content is copied or garbage. You do need to take the time to decide on a niche which Google thinks it can sell advertising for and at the end of the day that is really easy because there are easily 10s of thousands of great niches that will work.

For the last several years dale has been building a business by helping people. He doesn’t just talk about it and then try and sell you some program that isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

He takes great pride in being able to provide thousands of tips through out the last few years to help people move on with their internet money making experience.

He has taught himself and lived through the mistakes. He also hopes you will follow along and try not to make the same mistakes he made.

You can visit his Hub at AdSense Account Approval to see how really easy it is to get started with the Google AdSense program.

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If you haven’t yet got a Google AdSense account for your site, now may be time to do so. AdSense is becoming increasingly popular with small and middle-sized websites who wish to cash in on their site popularity. And with the latest updates that have been made to the AdSense service, there is now no excuse not to join.

If you didn’t already know AdSense is Google’s context targeted Ad delivery program. Basically the Search Engine giant is giving you the chance to display the adverts that you may have seen to the right of your search results on your own site. Whenever someone clicks through one of the Ads you get an undisclosed, but worthwhile, portion of the money the subscribers to Google’s AdWords program are supplying Google to promote their site on paid listings. The script is easy to customize, simply adjusting the settings in your Account settings and then pasting the raw code into your site.

However I expect that most of the people reading this article already have a good idea about what AdSense is and what it does. What you are really interested in is what Google has done to change its service, right? Well when I logged on to the AdSense site a few days ago, the first thing that popped up was a copy of the new TOS (Terms of Service). I read through it, and clicked accept to agree with the new terms and conditions. When I got into my account page I was greeted by two welcome sights: A new type of Ad box, and even better yet a new payment method.

The new ‘Ad Links’ box are not just the typical textual Ads. Rather they give you site-targeted topics, which a visitor can click on to go to a list of related advertisements. What this means in real terms is that rather than four or five adverts on a page you can give your visitor access to maybe 50, all of which could earn you money. This is a very exciting development, and one that could potentially benefit everyone.

There are some downsides that I have to point out however. At the moment the maximum size of the ‘Ad Links’ box is 200*90, with a maximum of five topics. This is fine for people who use the smaller Ad Units, but for those who use the biggest rectangle possible this could be a problem. The other fact to consider is how long it may take your visitors to adapt to the new layout. I have no evidence to back this up, as I’ve only been experimenting with the new system for two days now, but it does seem that, in the short term at least, you will be seeing a decrease in revenue from your AdSense account as the visitors get used to the new layout.

The most beneficial changes Google has bestowed on us, however, has to be the changes in the payment system. A real boon to the non-US based publishers such as myself has to be the supply of local currency cheques. Now you can elect to receive your check in Pounds Sterling, Indian Rupees, Euros, Turkish Lira or any of 43 local currencies. There is also the option to sign up for the beta of the new EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) payment option, which will deposit money directly into your back account.

So those are the changes that Google has made to its AdSense program. But as ours IS to wonder why, maybe I can make a comment of the possibility of why this update has come this week. Is it coincidence that at the same time as Google was updating its program Yahoo has announced its own textual Ad serving service, based on its Overture Paid Inclusion search engine? Personally I don’t think so. But competition is almost always a good thing, and who knows, maybe Yahoo may even spur Google into giving people the Ad tracking capabilities that many publishers have been crying out for.

Daniel Robson runs where he hands out his freeware as well as loudly voicing his opinions on pretty much everything.

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One of the many ways to monetize a website is to use Google AdSense.

This tool places relevant advertisements on a webpage. Income is generated by getting commission for every ad click.

The more clicks, the higher the earnings. If you want to know how to start making money with AdSense, you came to the right place.

The first step is to have your own website. You may buy your own domain or you can utilize free web hosting sites like Blogger and WordPress.

It is very important that you gear towards a certain category you are knowledgeable of so that it will be easy for you to write articles about it.

The topic should not be offensive or negative. Also, there are niches that have more relevant Google Ads than others. Some niches pay more than others too.

Finance and Marketing may pay more than ads about Art or Entertainment.

Knowing the more profitable categories and keywords is significant to the content you may want to display.

It is better to write about various contents on your site so that more relevant ads will be offered to you.

Google requires roughly around 30 pages of original content in order to be accepted.

The second step is to join the program by applying at their website. You must have a Google account to register.

Once approved, you can start creating and designing the ad you want to place on your webpage.

Location, size, and color are some of the things you may want to take into consideration.

Remember that one of your main goals is to acquire clicks, so placing ads in locations where your reader naturally looks will be of great help.

Choose the proper colors so that your ad will blend in with your theme and it will seem like it is part of your page.

The next step is to generate traffic. People who regularly travel detest heavy traffic but for website publishers this is good news.

Your earnings will greatly depend on the people who visit your site and actually click on the ads, so it is very important to attract more and more audience.

Site Optimization will play a big role.

Finally, when you have started the ball rolling, you must learn to keep track of your earnings and also monitor your site’s stats.

By going to the Performance Reports section of your AdSense account, you will be able to read about the daily summary of your estimate revenue.

Google Analytics, on the other hand, maintains regular reports on your webpage visitors. You can use unit channels too to see which are working to your benefit.

With these records, you can carry out experiments on advertisement layouts, subject matter or optimization schemes in order to improve your website’s performance.

If you are just starting to learn about earning money on your blog, it is also imperative to take a close look at various established sites.

Know their methods on how they became successful and how they were able to stay long in the monetizing trade.

There really is no specific formula, so following their tested techniques will not hurt either.

John Richards has many years of experience creating and developing books, ebooks, manuals, and videos, on a variety of subjects, including online wealth, pet care, Internet marketing, direct mail, health and wellness, and CD/DVD distribution service. John’s website provides ideas and practical advice for people who want to enjoy the rewards of earning an income from home using simple websites.

Visit John’s site to discover free information that you can use at: to claim more free training and gifts.

Subscribe to the blog and receive a free ground breaking report on making money online.

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Things are finally changing for the better in the mysterious world of Google AdSense. All the tricks and cons that have plagued the internet while the Google AdSense system found its feet are being found out. Google has become expert at knowing when a website is really worth promoting in its search engine. This will help internet marketers who really know their niches and know how to provide the internet browser with the information they are looking for.

Do Not Try To Trick Google

I have read of many schemes and hacks that you can do to make people come to your website and click on one of your AdSense blocks. The people who try to trick Google in this way are not successful and do not make money. They might say they are making money but they are lying to you. Google has really got its act in order and you can rest assured that if you try to trick Google you will fail.

How To Make A Website for Google AdSense

You should look on the AdSense model as a way of monetizing your website. What you should not do is make a website purely with the aim of trying to make an AdSense income. These things are not the same. Your website should be full of words, videos, links and other content that attracts lots of visitors. It should be tightly themed on one topic and be regularly updated with new pages and information. The AdSense part of your website will be one of the options for your visitor to take when they visit your website. If this sounds like too much work then this type of internet marketing is not for you.

The Tighter the Niche the Better.

I have one website that is full of information on a tiny niche in the health foods area. There are tiny amounts of searches for this topic but likewise there is little competition. This website outperforms all my other websites put together in terms of AdSense income because it is so full of great content and relevant information. My diet website has many more pages and receives hundreds of daily visitors and yet doesn’t come close to my health niche site.

Write For Your Human Visitors

It never fails to astound me when so called experts say you should write with the search engines in mind. This is simply rubbish. Write for your true visitors and if they like what they read and see they will stay around longer. If you have had to work at making your content search engine friendly it can come over a stilted and messy. As a writer you should picture your reader as an individual sitting opposite you. How would you say your piece to them? That is how you should write.

You can find out how to set up your own online income with easy home based business [] opportunities by visiting []

There are clear reviews of my top 3 recommendations for you to change your financial world in 2009.

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There are different strategies in which you can profit on the web. A standout amongst the most prevalent choices is to run Google AdSense on your website. Discover all the more about this technique and get a thought of what your benefit will be given the money which you need to invest and the profit which you will get.

How It Operates

As its name recommends, this is a project for running advertisements. You need to make an application to join the program and meet an arrangement of necessities, which includes website possession, utility design and content of great quality. When you get approved, promotions produced by Google AdSense will show up on your website pages. They are commonly important to the website’s substance or applicable to the extraordinary guest’s pursuit and perusing history. You will have little control over the presence of the advertisements. You will get paid every click and every impression. This is the way you can profit on the web.

How much to invest?

You will need to register a unique domain name and web hosting administration. Nonetheless, these expenses are genuinely little. You can utilize a free technology for building your website as opposed to procuring an expert keeping in mind the end goal to spare cash.

The most critical thing which you have to concentrate on is content and its quality. It is fundamental for you to deliver educational and appealing substance regularly. It is a smart thought to concentrate on one theme as these websites usually get higher internet search engine rankings. You ought to utilize all successful SEO and internet advertising apparatuses and procedures. With a specific end goal to profit online at this stage, you will gain from expelling advertisements from other technology platforms.

You stand good chances of approval if your website has more than 100 guests every day. This implies that you will need to contribute a decent measure of time and exertion in building up your website. If you utilize proficient search engine optimization and marketing strategies, you can get more compelling results, however it will in any case require some serious energy to accomplish them.

Potential Income

There is no such thing as settled pay rate with Google AdSense. There are unpredictable calculations which focus the pay for every individual commercial showed. One thing to remember is the commission of Google is around 30% of what the advertisers pay. Furthermore, you will get ready to get your cash once the balance on your account goes past $100.

The best approach to profit online with this advertisement system is to get more genuine traffic to your website and to keep it high continually. Thus, you have to continue putting resources into the advancement of your website.

The author of this article has over 15 years of experience in market research of online money making ventures and web hosting services.

Why wander a whole lot of sites to get the right information?

Please visit Make Money With Google or Make Money Online.

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