Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy 2016


It is quite amazing the number of times the left-wing media and Democrat Politicians call Donald Trump a racist. They actually have the Hispanic Population of the US believing that Trump hates Hispanics, which is simply untrue. The left is busy calling Donald Trump ‘Hitler-Like’ and trying to get that to stick. The left is re-branding their opponent, this is just Politics 101, but the followers of the Democrats don’t seem to understand the reality.

Personally, my view is; that’s nuts comparing Trump to Hitler, as Hitler rode in on the labor party, he was a socialist, a leftist – democrat by today’s standards. Nothing in Trump’s speech was negative against immigrants – his wife and mother are immigrants for god’s sake. Rather he has a problem with Illegal Aliens coming to America – un-vetted and non-legal immigrants. There is nothing wrong with building a wall, quite a bit of our border already has a wall, don’t act like it is a new idea.

Today, Obama has a fence around the White House – why? Because it works well to keep people out, that’s why. All nations worry about border issues to protect their people. Your attacking of Trump is “Hate” speech, how ironic and hypocritical is it that you are doing exactly what you accuse him of – It’s not okay. What you are doing and spewing is hate. I had a good friend killed in a hit-and-run he was a cyclist – it was an illegal alien that was caught later. I have witnessed hit-and-runs – chased one down once, also an illegal alien.

Because of the male dominated society in Mexico there often those attitudes are brought here, and we have a slightly different way of looking at things. Police Statistics in Los Angeles, now 65% Hispanic, show that within the Hispanic Population there is a much higher percentage domestic violence. All these things are real, ask any police officer, judge, DA, border patrol agent. Ask and find out. Donald Trump is right. It’s not about “immigrants” and he has no problem with immigration as long as it goes through the process. Rather, it’s about illegal immigration and the problems that go with not knowing who comes in.

Not to mention new polio cases, drug resistant TB, etc., something else we need to be screening for, in the future perhaps the Zika Virus also? We need to know who is coming into our country, people just cannot continue to sneak in, set up shop, a live here indefinitely – no country on Earth allows that. Think on this.

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