I Know How to Make Money From AdSense – Do You?


Things are finally changing for the better in the mysterious world of Google AdSense. All the tricks and cons that have plagued the internet while the Google AdSense system found its feet are being found out. Google has become expert at knowing when a website is really worth promoting in its search engine. This will help internet marketers who really know their niches and know how to provide the internet browser with the information they are looking for.

Do Not Try To Trick Google

I have read of many schemes and hacks that you can do to make people come to your website and click on one of your AdSense blocks. The people who try to trick Google in this way are not successful and do not make money. They might say they are making money but they are lying to you. Google has really got its act in order and you can rest assured that if you try to trick Google you will fail.

How To Make A Website for Google AdSense

You should look on the AdSense model as a way of monetizing your website. What you should not do is make a website purely with the aim of trying to make an AdSense income. These things are not the same. Your website should be full of words, videos, links and other content that attracts lots of visitors. It should be tightly themed on one topic and be regularly updated with new pages and information. The AdSense part of your website will be one of the options for your visitor to take when they visit your website. If this sounds like too much work then this type of internet marketing is not for you.

The Tighter the Niche the Better.

I have one website that is full of information on a tiny niche in the health foods area. There are tiny amounts of searches for this topic but likewise there is little competition. This website outperforms all my other websites put together in terms of AdSense income because it is so full of great content and relevant information. My diet website has many more pages and receives hundreds of daily visitors and yet doesn’t come close to my health niche site.

Write For Your Human Visitors

It never fails to astound me when so called experts say you should write with the search engines in mind. This is simply rubbish. Write for your true visitors and if they like what they read and see they will stay around longer. If you have had to work at making your content search engine friendly it can come over a stilted and messy. As a writer you should picture your reader as an individual sitting opposite you. How would you say your piece to them? That is how you should write.

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