Buy Google AdSense Account: How Legitimate?


If you want me to answer this question in single word, I will say “NO”. Buying Google AdSense account is 100% unethical and against the Google terms and policies. Definitely I will not ask you to believe what I say, in fact I am here to inform you about the truth and make you aware of the fraud AdSense account sellers.

Why Buying AdSense account is not legitimate?

It is against the Google policy. I think you will only go to buy those accounts if your AdSense application is rejected multiple times by Google approval team. It clearly shows that you are either not eligible to participate in AdSense program, or your website is not fulfilling the Google publisher guidelines. In such cases, if you run ads from purchased accounts, do you think it is legitimate? No, Google will disable it soon or later before your first payment check is issued.

If you click on the ads saying “Buy Google AdSense account for 9$ only” or something similar and visit the seller website, you might get the answer to your question. Most of the AdSense account sellers have similar characteristics like…

  • Free hosted landing page like on blogspot or sub domain on free hosting provider.
  • Ugly looking content with very large fonts asking for payment and contact details.
  • They only give you cell phone number and ask for the payment. They do not have genuine contact address or genuine online business portfolio or website.
  • They guarantee for the account within 2 to 24 hrs, while Google it self takes many days to approve your first Google AdSense application.
  • Most of theme sells accounts created with unethical methods for example many online programs like blogspot helps you to open AdSense account. They will change the payee name and will deliver credentials to you. How ever there is no guarantee on life of those accounts.
  • They are selling accounts at very low (doubtful) price. If you hire some one for approving your own AdSense account through ethical way following all the publisher guidelines and Google policy might cost you much more than this.

If you are still finding AdSense account for sell, I would like to ask you one simple question that “Why you actually want to buy AdSense account?” as getting approved your AdSense application is not so hard if you follow the guidelines closely and work ethically. If you cant get your account approved by Google directly, I don’t think purchased account is the solution. Better to re-apply for AdSense by resolving any issues for which it was previously rejected.

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