10 Effective Ways to Protect Your Google AdSense Account


Google AdSense is of one of the highest paying ad networks which enable publishers to serve highly contextual ads on their websites and blogs. Ads being extremely targeted leads to altitudinous CTR (click through rate) and better earnings. As a result immensely large number of publishers has joined the AdSense network.

With so many advantages, few disadvantages come along the way. AdSense has no official support to help their publishers and they are inordinately strict about polices and disables account for any minor violation. Publishers are responsible for all the activity on their site. Any kind of “invalid activity” makes the Bot to raise the red flag and account is disabled. Once the account gets disabled there are very slim chances that you can get it back. It such situation, it becomes inevitable to understand the factors that leads to disabled account and ways how to protect it. So here are the top 10 methods to protect your AdSense account.

Don’t click your own ads

Few publishers click their own ads to earn money. Google has a sophisticated mechanism that tracks the clicks. If you get clicks from some specific source or in some typical pattern your account would get disabled. So kindly don’t click your own ads.

Use AdBlocker to prevent clicking your own ads by mistake

I have seen many people reporting at AdSense Help forum that they clicked their Ads by mistake. Google understands that we are humans and mistake can happen. But they have very less threshold for clicks due to “mistakes”. Use AdBlocker on your computer to prevent yourself from clicking Ads.

Protect your account from your wife, friends and relatives

Relations are the essence of life. We all have so many well wishers who want to see us successful and try to help us in all possible way. They try to “help” us to earn more by clicking on our ads. But they don’t know that Google will track this and close the account. More accounts get disabled due to “well wishers” rather than click bombs or click frauds.

Avoid use of social networks to get traffic

Social Networks can help you promote your site very well and gain insane traffic and popularity. But this traffic is inorganic in nature, at least in eyes of Google. When you get excessive traffic from social networks in proportion to the traffic from search engines your account is in trouble. So avoid social networks. If possible remove all the sharing buttons from your site. Traffic from the search engines is healthy and one should try to get traffic from them

Keep check on the words you use

AdSense does not allow publishers to place ads on the website that has content with profanity or swear words. At same time, English being such a dynamic language, few words have multiple shades. For example word “naked” has two meanings. It means “without clothes” and it also means “bare”. Google has not given any exhaustive list of words that they consider improper. Further Google bots probably cannot understand the word in context. Bots are incredibly stupid. So they make disable the account is they see a word naked. Let us say I have a site where I try to promote non violence. If I say “Our life is given to us by god. How can one human gun down another?” Bot won’t understand the tone of my voice or the context in which word “gun” is used. This can create trouble for your account.

Content should be Family safe

This policy has always been a matter of confusion. Some people interpret this as the disallowing of pornographic content. But I would press hard on the words “family safe”. Effectively it means that any content that a person cannot see comfortably with parents and five-year old boy is not fit for AdSense.

Avoid excessive use of Ads

Google always give emphasis on great user experience. A website plastered with Ads provides poor use experience. One should not put ads within the content. Not more than 30% of the space should have ads.

Protect your account from YouTube

Few publishers put ads on their YouTube videos. I agree that YouTube helps us a lot to establish overselves on web, but it fails to provide certain tools that we need to protect our AdSense account. Usually we keep sharing option ON expecting people to share videos to gain more views. But this makes impossible for us to control where our videos appear. If you see AdSense violation reporting page, you would know that they consider the surrounding of the website where videos are appearing. So this can put your account is trouble.

Avoid using third-party widgets and templates for website

I know that all the bloggers do not have technical knowledge about web design. They inevitably have to use third-party tools to get started. But use such tools from reliable sources only. You never know what is the coding done behind that attractive template. This can get your site and AdSense account is real trouble.

Use Google Analytics to monitor your account activity

Monitor your site stats and see the activity. If you find any suspicious activity report it to Google. You may wish to block certain IPs from accessing your site. Remove ads from your site if you find any thing not inline to protect advertiser’s interest and your account.

I hope this article will help you to protect your account. Wish all the readers a successful online venture.

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